The Suicide Of Western Culture ‘Remixes’ (CD-Album)



This Is The Last Time I Shake Your Hand / Griffi feat. Anqui (Medicina Remix)
The Italian Chapel / Rusty Warriors Remix
A Forest Of Greyhounds Hanged / Brunetto Remix
Battle Of The Ebro / Tema Blanco Remix
The Suicide Of Western Culture / Planetaleta Remix (courtesy of Letamina Records)
Children Shouldn’t Been Playing Beside The Railways / Ferenc Remix
From Our Apartment’s Window / Guillamino Smith Grind Mix (courtesy of Bankrobber)
The End Of Luxury / Triángulo de Amor Bizarro Sr. Remix (courtesy of Mushroom Pillow)
Battersea Power Station / Los Pilotos Remix

Bonus track:
Battersea Power Station / Strange2 & Nev.era Remix (courtesy of Lovethechaos) (bonus track)
This Is The Last Time I Shake Your Hand / Lasers remix (bonus track)

The noble art of butchering carefully immortal keyboards, guitar pedals and lofi drum machines have a new band hero: THE SUICIDE OF WESTERN CULTURE. It is possible you may know them already. The Spanish have gained with their first album all the recognition that others wanted to get in a complete music career.

On top of the most electronic and indie Spanish charts in 2010/2011: Mondo Sonoro, GO! Mixside, Playground, Fantastic Plastic Mag, etc. Full supported also by international media as The Guardian (UK), MTV Iggy, Cyclic Defrost (AS), Paul Gary Nixon, etc. Playing concerts along artists as ANIMAL COLLECTIVE, CUT COPY, ORBITAL, DARKSTAR or THE HIGH LAMAS. Gigs in major events as Popkomm, Primavera Sound, Fly Me to the Moon, Arenal Sound, Faraday, Mimaa, Sono, etc. One of the next stops planned is an US.A. Tour.

The new ‘Remixes’ album will rock the scene. The cream of the Spanish indie and electronic music scene did not hesitate for a second to join this project. Attention please, because artists as Griffi (feat. Amqui), Guillamino, Lasers, Los Pilotos (Ex- Los Planetas), Rusty Warriors, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Ferenc, Brunetto, Strange2 & Nev.era … Are among the remixers (completed tracklist below).

Passion, beats, nasty pop, synthetic paradises, electro guerrilla, ‘indiependance’ and all that you need to fight for party right is here compilated.
“The family united will never be defeated. It’s show time!”

The Suicide Of Western Culture ‘Remixes’ / Album snippet by irregularlabel

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