The Suicide Of Western Culture ‘From Our Apartment’s Window’ (EP)



Appetite for creation. The hooded duo based in Barcelona, THE SUICIDE OF WESTERN CULTURE, have gained a full recognition in Spain thanks to their original 1st album on Irregular label. Top #1 on the electronic-indie lists of 2010. A sedulous game of distortion pedals, keyboards and lofi machines. The story has just begun, now is time to continue conquering the world music scene.

Next step is this EP entitled “From Our Apartment’s Window” that will be presented on their US/Canada 2012 Tour. The thing is that 3 original songs are now re-worked for the occasion: “The End Of Luxury”, “This Is The Last Time I Shake Your Hand” and of course, “From Our Apartment’s Window”. Includes also an unreleased track, “We Hate Sunday Mornings”.

“These two are mere conduits for a world of perspectives, and they’re spitting them out the only way the know how: organized, mechanical, musical chaos. I get the feeling they are still struggling to make sense of it all too. “From Our Apartment’s Window” is dark, but hopeful. Tragic, but beautiful.” (Rai Knight-Indieshuffle. USA)

From Our Apartment’s Window (rework)

The End Of Luxury (rework)

This Is The Last Time I Change Your Hand (rework)

We Hate Sunday Evenings 


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