Rusty Warriors ‘Eagle Truck’ (EP)



First single for the striking Rusty Warriors duo. Eagle Truck and Abuse songs are called to succeed and break boundaries in any crazy dance-floor that lends.

A very liberal and apprentice attitude. A genuine free spirit of wild youngsters. Rusty Warriors sound can also contain certain common connotations in their tracks such as Illustrated ‘bastardism’, amplified irony, behave loutish, sensitivity and effectiveness in a right way.

RW can be considered the first truly option created in Spain developing such a sound that is now submitting the world wide. They have the balls to fight for their rights to party (that was shouted by the Beastie Boys right?). People need them! People need this techno with rock attitude, electro rave, breakcore, phat beats, etc. Steve Aoki, are you ready for this guys? Revolution is served!

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