Irregular is always enjoying discovering the diverse faces of good electronic music. It is time for Eugenia and Ana, Las CasiCasiotone. They suggest us an intense and odd new EP.

Three cuts packed of micro-sounds where the duo from Asturias (Spain) makes good use of every single machine of their collection. On “Musculitos” the girls speculates with arpeggios, chorus and melodies. A wall of sound easy to climb but where is difficult to descend. On the other hand, naked beat-boxes and experimental electro-bit “Octopus Killers”.

Previous to this, LCC made us thrill with the track (and title of this release) “Polar Bears Are Coming”. Again analog drops, brief chords and one bonus ingredient, a rescued speech that could serve to finish with this song in the …… Don’t panic this about feelings, not intimidation.

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