Essential to understand the philosophy of Irregular label this particular batch of playlists are now published and broadcasted on Music Victim.

Playlist by Boreals (includes Tortoise, Múm, Four tet, Fugazi or John Coltrane)

Playlist by Brunetto (includes UNKLE, Mondkof, Detboi or Roni Size)

Playlist by Lasers  (includes Chic, Tycho, Fleetwood Mac or Japan)

Playlist by Rusty Warriors 1 / Rusty Warriors 2 (includes El Puma, Spirit Of Youth, Chucho, Mina or Björk)

Playlist by The Suicide Of Western Cuture (includes the Velvet Underground, Pan Sonic, Mogwai or Morente)

And directly here the Irregular showcase with only songs released in the past 6 years.

escucha   Podcast    00h 51m 37s
1 Older
“Our Reason Of Being”Inside Of The Tears
Irregular CD01
2 Jaumëtic – Viva Triana!
“Earth, Wind And Firewire”Live In Seoul EP
Irregular 02
3 Brunetto
“Jellyfish”Mag Is In The Air
Irregular 03
4 The City’s Last Noise
“Fifteen Autumns”Secret Of An Innocent
Irregular CD03
5 The Side Pockets
“Ashes To Ashes”Keep It Local
Irregular CD05
6 The Suicide Of Western Culture
“Battersea Power Station”The Suicide Of Western Culture
Irregular CD04
7 Lasers
Irregular CD07
8 Boreals
“Luciérnagas”Grecia EP
Irregular 07
9 Las CasiCasiotone
“Musculitos”Polar Bears Are Coming
Irregular 09
10 Fernando Lagreca
“Silly Girl Meets Silly Boy”Silly Girl Meets Silly Boy
Irregular S002
11 Rusty Warriors
“As We Hope”As We Hope
Irregular S001


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