Fernando Lagreca is one of those persons who kept an integrity and personality for an entire life… his music too. Year after year this Uruguayan of heart (it is based since 2002 in Barcelona, Spain) has managed to capture album by album, his particular passion by full electronic -but organic- sounds. The new album is entitled “Control”. His 2nd album on Irregular label -firstly there was “Childhood Is All We Have”- and definitively means the final step ahead in his brilliant career [READ THE INFO RELEASE HERE].

This second effort from Lagreca signals a new stage in the composer’s career. In Control, we hear him experimenting with synthetic landscapes and taking on a more obscure version of pop that channels heavily the spirit of those genres that may go into hiatus from time to time but never die. Genres like slo-mo disco, bohemian glo-fi and new wave dominate the record’s nine tracks but, rest assured, Lagreca makes sure to never turn his back on the danceworthy grooves that have made his albums required listening for electronic music lovers.

If you already feel comfortable listening to artists like Washed Out, Solar Bears, and Tycho, or if 90’s acts like the British duo Underworld are your drug of choice, Lagreca just constructed a sonic home for you.

The definitive dive, maybe? His compositions are a wide palette of tempting sounds. To name a few characteristics: sharpness in the melodies, warbled beauty, modernity vs classic… Every song is a feeling. Labels as Greknoise!, Ginotonico Production, or Autoplate-Thinner knew perfectly this I’m telling you people when he released on all of them. He has won the heart of the instruments and machines and wants to share it with all of you.

Besides all this, he will remain enough time for the artistic & creation platform Microclima, which is co-owner.


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