“Euro 2012, the biggest sporting event of the summer that isn’t the Olympics began this past weekend with matches in Poland and Ukraine. The soccer-mad members of the Paste team take this occasion seriously, and some may find it difficult to stay focused on putting together the magazine

That said, in celebrating all the exuberance and drama of this tournament, we also wanted to celebrate all the amazing music found in each of the 16 countries taking part in the tournament. Obviously, these aren’t the only examples of great music from these respective countries (feel free to tell us your favorites), but we wanted to at least give you a jumping-off point for further musical exploration. Happy travels.” (text: Lindsay Eanet / Paste Magazine)

Mendetz, Guadalpe Plata and our young band Boreals had been the selected ones on behalf of Spain.

Their specific comments on Boreals were:

“They’ve been called one of Barcelona’s “best-kept secrets.” But they won’t have that status for long—this post-rock trio has been gaining a fanbase in BCN and beyond with the release of their first EP, Rome, in June of 2011. Their hypnotic, atmospheric style has been compared to Explosions In the Sky, Mogwai and others, but soon, bands to follow will be compared to Boreals. They recently rocked the Primavera Sound festival and released a follow-up album, Grecia, earlier this year.”

Thank you so much, we’re already winners with this!

The full list with the 16 nations can be read HERE

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