Boreals ‘Grecia’ (EP)


Irregular is very happy and proud to present the first release signed by the young and exciting trio Boreals. This Grecia EP is the best way to start what for sure will be more than a potential year for the band.

Miquel Serra and twins Victor and Xavier Paradis are becoming specialists expressing sensations with music. Bittersweet electronic dream-pop with airy vocals that somehow fit perfectly. And attention! Because they decided to sing in Spanish. “Puertos (las nubes se abren)” and “Desde un mirador” are undoubtedly beautiful but sad songs.

“Luciérnagas” opens a very different field. Boundless and expressive music evolving at a rapid pace. Melodies and distortions all in one. Gorgeous instrumental masterfully combining floating synthetic pads and ethereal arrangements. Luscious debut.

*produced by: Jano Gómez & Vicente Ribas.

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